Jimmy Fallon Asks Twitter For Worst Date Stories And These 12 People Totally Deliver


If you thought that terrible date you went on was just a horrible story youre going to one day share with your grandchildren when they prepare to enter the dating world, THINK AGAIN.

Theres a chance your horrible first date story could make it on the small screen for everyone in the world to see.

Jimmy Fallon is asking people to share their worst date stories under the hashtag #MyWorstDate on Twitter for an upcoming show.

To get the ball rolling, Jimmyeven shared his own worst first date story.

If you dont get what hes talking about, hewas referring tohis PAINFULLY awkward date he didnt realize was a date with Nicole Kidman.

Yep, honestly, it was pretty cringeworthy.

But h Jimmys worst almost-date with one of the hottest celebrities in Hollywood is NOTHING compared to some of these peoples date horror stories.

Read along to hear these Twitter users absolutely awful worst date stories and cringe away.

Well, she it was a date.

He literally forgot who his datewas.

His friend set him up with his COUSIN.

She tried to kiss him with a mouth full of ranch.

He left her at Taco Bell.

His datelaughed in his face when he asked to kiss her.

This girls datebasically did everything he possibly could wrong.

She had to pay because her date lost all his money gambling.

Her date barfed on her after drinking a pint of beer.

His date clearly escalated pretty quickly.

And then, theres this guy.

OK, so clearly, some people out there have had some pretty bad first dates. So if your worst date doesnt come anywhere close to these stories, consider yourself lucky.

But do you have your own horrible date story that you still cringe just thinking about? Comment below!

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