Jared Leto Scared Strangers On The Street To Get His Joker Laugh Right


By now we all know that Jared Leto is taking his role of Suicide Squad’s Joker a little too seriously… It doesn’t hurt to be a bit manic in front of camera (since that’s the only place we see him) but taken into your normal life? That’s weird.

He’s a method actor! Which is fair enough but if you’re taking things that seriously, you should pick your roles better. We all know what happened last time someone method acted the Joker, after all since many people think that’s the role that killed Heath Ledger.

But that’s not the point. Leto’s been up to some weird stuff. You know about the rat he sent to Margot and the dead pig he sent to the cast, but did you know he’s also been terrorising strangers?

Here’s what he said to CNBC’s Squawk Box about perfecting his laugh:

I worked on the laugh walking around the streets of New York and Toronto, and I would kind of walk around the streets and see what laugh would kind of get under peoples skin. You know if you hear someone laugh at a restaurant, its a little jarring. Yeah, I tried them out and I kind of got to a place where I would laugh and people would always turn around, like, Who is this creepy guy behind me?

Just imagine that! Walking down the street minding your own business, already terrified because you live in New York, and then hearing that! You’d run to your home and never leave.

What do you think? Good method? Do you think Angelface will cut it? Let us know in the comments!

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