Janet at Glastonbury: Slick defined from an R& B queen

Image caption The star’s dance routines were punchy and impressive

In the run-up to Glastonbury, Janet Jackson raised a few eyebrows when she tweeted a line-up poster that put her name above the headliners.

To be fair, the superstar is a headline act at home in the US, where she’s one of the most successful female artists of all time.

Her star was never quite as big in the UK, though, despite having 17 top 10 reaches to her name, which made this festival set something of a gamble.

Admirably, rather than play it safe, Janet delivered a whistle-stop tour of her career, playing a relentless , non-stop medley of 21 ways in merely 50 minutes.

At times, the pace was dizzying. One of her biggest makes, The Best Things In Life Are Free, was jettisoned after the first chorus; and minor tracks Throb and Come On Get Up got a fuller airing.

For die-hard fans, it was a dream setlist( and there were plenty of them singing their lungs out) but for a festival mob unfamiliar with the corners of her back catalogue, some of the song choices were amazing at best.

But the bles of the attention-deficit setlist was that every time an album way started up, a pop banger was just around the corner – whether it was the punchy 1980 s funk of What Have You Done For Me Lately, or the breezy pop tunes of Escapade and Miss You Much.

Image caption The star has 10 number 1 in the US, merely one less than her brother Michael

It was a physically-demanding performance, full of crisp, impressive dance moves – often directly lifted from videos Janet shot 30 years ago. But the 53 -year-old easily fell in step with her troupe of eight dancers, despite wearing a heavy tail-coat in the 30 C heat.

She paused only once, to dab the sweat off her face with a towel, which she then hurled aggressively to the floor so she could get on with the next routine.

In fact, she seemed happiest when she was goofing off with the dancers, breaking into laughter when one blew her a kiss during Escapade, and tossing around her red tangle of curls as they vamped on some of The Jacksons’ old routines.

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