Jane Sanders: Bernie and I Will Vote Hillary if We Have To


In a candid interview with Tim Teeman, a straight-shooting Jane Sanders talks superdelegates, her husband’s temperament, the need for party unity, and missing her family.”>

Jane Sanders and her husband Bernie will support Hillary Clinton if the latter beats Bernie Sanders in the Democratic presidential nomination race.

Jane Sanders, in an interview with The Daily Beast on Wednesday, said they would hope Bernies supporters would follow their lead.

Conversely, if Bernie Sanders procured the nomination, Sanders said she hoped Clinton and her supporters would support him.

In a wide-ranging, candid interview, Jane Sanders also said the superdelegate systemcurrently weighted significantly in Clintons favorwas unfair, yet predicted that she is hopeful that a number of those superdelegates, and their thousands of votes, could be convinced to switch their supporting from Clinton to her husband.

The Daily Beast spoke to Mrs. Sanders with merely hours to go before Bernie Sanderss rally in New Yorks Washington Square, and merely a week until New York Democrat pick a primary winner.

I know Donald Trump has complained about the organizations of the system, she said. Were not going to complain about it. We knew the rules going in. We dont like the rules. We dont think its good for republic. I think its crazy that in New York anybody who wanted to vote for Bernie had to make a change last October to say they were in the Democratic Party. Anybody who is independent cannot vote.

Jane Sanders said her husbands campaign was trying to reinvigorate the party, and we are. We are bringing many, many more people in across the country and yet in New York theyre slamming the door on those people. They cant have a voice. That seems counterproductive to what the Democratic Party wants to accomplish in terms of winning not just the presidency, but to win governors seats and seats in the House and Senate.

She dismissed Clinton campaign claims that Bernies camp was attempting to rig the election by flipping the votes of superdelegates. How could we be rigging it? Were not in charge of anything, she said, laughing.

Superdelegates, first off, I think, are silly. Theyre 30 percent of the vote that a candidate would need to be the nominee. How fair is that? I am a voter. I have one election, yet youre a superdelegate and count for thousands and thousands of votes. That doesnt make any sense at all. One person, one election is what republic is supposed to be about.

The rigging claims did not make sense, Mrs. Sanders said.

In 2008, many superdelegates had signed up for Hillary Clinton, very early, before Barack Obama.

The same was true this year, though this time the opponent was Bernie Sanders, she said.

In the end in 2008, the superdelegates moved to Barack Obama. This year, the superdelegates have not been counted yet, their votes have not been cast. Some are telling now they support Hillary Clinton. About half.

If the superdelegates are utilizing their judgment, my hope is that they are looking at what is happening in this racethat he[ Bernie Sanders] has won eight of the nine most recent races, that he has far better polling numbers against all the Republican, that he can get not just Democrat but Independents.

Even in his last Senate race, 25 percent of Republican in our nation voted for himand we can do that nationally as well. Hes in a much better position to be the Democratic Party candidate. Superdelegates will make up their minds. It has nothing to do with rigging, but it could happen just like it happened in 2008.

On the more rancorous exchanges between the Sanders and Clinton campaigns, Jane Sanders said, I think if you compare it to the Republican, its nothing. I think its been difficult for us to have twistings of the record, when actually what we want to focus on is a clear option between the two candidates.

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