Jada Pinkett Smith Admits She Originally Did NOT Want To Do Jordyn Woods Interview! – Perez Hilton


Jada Pinkett Smith gets real about her highly-publicized interview with Jordyn Woods.


In this week’s People cover story, Will Smith‘s wife explained why the 21-year-old model came to her to set the record straight.

The actress told the publication:

“Jordyn really felt like it was the only safe place that she could do that interview.”

However, the thespian admitted she originally did NOT want to talk to Woods on-camera.

“It actually wasn’t something I wanted to do because it was very close [to home], but as time transpired, Jordyn was just like, ‘I really need you in this platform’ and Will [Smith] felt like it was supremely important. So I was like, okay let’s do it.’”

Despite the drama, Woods’ appearance — which broke records as the most-viewed Facebook Original episode in its first 24 hours — helped humanize her and her situation.

Jada added:

“That was my intention honestly… I just wanted her to have a platform to tell her story. That’s it. She’s a young beautiful woman inside and out and me having been a young girl, we sometimes get in situations that we don’t necessarily know how to handle… You just [try to] help young girls navigate through life, through difficult situations we’ve all come across.”

As we reported in February, Jordyn wanted to tell her story to Jada because the Smiths are like family to her.

Reportedly, she has known them longer than she has known the KarJenners, as it was Jaden Smith who forged a friendship between Jordyn and Kylie when they were young teenagers.

Jordyn and Jaden have reportedly been friends since they were toddlers, as her late father, John Woods, was a TV sound engineer who reportedly met Will — who Jordyn refers to as “Uncle Will” — on the job in the 1990s.

In March, Pinkett Smith unfollowed Khloé, Kim Kardashian West, and Kris Jenner on Instagram, reportedly in support of Jordyn.

On Sunday, KUWTK documented the K-family’s reaction to Tristan’s cheating scandal.

It was also revealed the NBA player allegedly expressed suicidal thoughts after news broke out about his drama.

[Image via Red Table Talk/Facebook.]

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