It Turns Out The Woman Who Started A Petition To Close Britain’s Borders Is Living In Spain


In what we’ll call a moderately ironic turn of events, it has transpired that the woman who started a petition calling for Britain to stop all immigration is an expat living in Spain.

(An expat, for those of you who might be a little bit confused by this, is a word we sometimes use to describe British immigrants who head to sunnier countries, if not to escape terrorism and persecution, then to enjoy some slightly warmer weather.)

Tina Reeves thinks that we need to close the borders, because she believes that jihadis will hide themselves among the refugees currently fleeing ISIS. In the wake of the Paris attacks, over 400,000 people apparently agree with her, and have signed her petition.

Some think, however, that it might be a little hypocritical of Tina to advocate closing the borders, when she spends so much time crossing them herself. As she told The Independent, she has a house in Spain that’s on the market, and she has to spend around several months a year there to ensure that nobody breaks in.

Maybe Tina could make a deal, and ask a refugee family tohouse-sit for her. That way, she doesn’t have to trouble herself with six months a year in the sunshine, and they’ll have the luxury of somewheresafe to sleep at night…

Tina argued that she wasn’t being hypocritical, anddefended her petition, saying:

“I am a British citizen and I have as much right as anyone else to be concerned about the country of my birth, the people who live in it including my family.”

That is true. We’re just not sure that stopping all immigration is the most rational way to stop extremism. And while over 400,000 people have signed Tina’s petition, over 63 million of us haven’t…

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