It seems weird to rub peanut butter on legs, but the incredible reason can help everyone


Peanut butter has a lot of vitamins and minerals, and the all natural variety is considered a healthy food. Its not only healthy but it can sustain ones appetite throughout the day.

Peanut butter can actually lower cholesterol as well, which will reduce risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Peanut butter has some very special abilities that go beyond health, and very few are aware of these. Check out these awesome peanut butter life hacks that are very useful!

Finally Get That Gum Out Of The Carpet

If you have kids, it will happen! You can get out that sticky, stuck-on gum residue out of your carpet and other places as well using peanut butter. Simply rub a thin layer of peanut butter and wipe it away 5-10 minutes later using a damp cloth.

Bad Smells, Be Gone

If you have stubborn smells lingering in your home, then peanut butter could be the way to once and for all eliminate those nasty odors. Get your frying pan out and put a tablespoon of peanut butter in it. Let cook for 2-4 minutes and believe it or not, your home will be smelling like delicious peanut butter, totally masking any other musky or mysterious odor you had prior!

Leather That’s Just Like New

Have a scratch on your leather furniture? How about that leather jacket, is it looking a bit ragged? Take a rag and some peanut butter. Rub a thin layer around the scratched up or dirty area, rotating in a circular motion. The natural oils will polish and clean your leather. And no, it will not damage your leather!

Unusual Shaving Cream

Youve run out of shaving cream. Head to the kitchen and retrieve that jar of peanut butter. Yes, it is effective for shaving! The natural oils allow moisturizing effects as well as not causing any nicks to your skin.

No More Squeaky Door

That annoying squeaky door! No more! And no need to use chemical lubricants to fix it. Just a thin layer of peanut butter applied to the area, can stop the squeak! Once again those natural oils are key and are a lot safer than the chemical pollutant sprays or oils.

Polish Your Scratched Wood

Scratches on your wood floors or cabinets can be cured by peanut butter. Use a thin layer and let it soak on the scratch for an hour. Now clean it off with a cloth and the scratch literally disapears!

A Price Sticker’s Worst Nightmare

Removing stickers may seem totally impossible and a difficult task at best. Peanut butter to the rescue! Whether getting rid of price labels or bumper stickers plastered all over that used car you just purchased, rubbing a little on with your fingers and then simply wiping away with a cloth can eliminate them.

Moisturize Dry Summer Hair

Believe it or not, you can help out your dry and damaged hair by taking a handful of peanut butter and rubbing it on your scalp. The natural oils get infused in your hair and really improve the overall look. Shampoo after you rinse out the peanut butter.

Check out the many other peanut butter hacks in this video!

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