If You’re Single, You’re Probably Eating Way More Food That’s Bad For You


If you live alone, science has some bad news for you: You’re likely feeing a lot of crap.

This sad conclusion comes from an analysis done by researchers at the Queensland University of Technology who looked at 41 studies to examine the dietary habits of people who lived on their own and people who lived with others.

The consensus? Living on your own rather than with a significant other or roommates means you’re likely feeing less fruit, veggies and lean protein.

Yep, you’re subsisting on Trader Joe’s frozen Indian food( that stuff is good, though) and Seamless deliveries.

Researcher Dr. Hanna said,

The psychological impacts of living alone can also influence diet. Previous research has discovered loneliness, for example, is a significant predictor of malnutrition in the elderly.

With so many people around the globe living alone, this is a bit of a problem — especially because isolation can actually kill you.

Feeling lonely leads to a weakened immune system, difficulty coping with stress( which leads to high blood pressure !) and is a more likely cause of death than obesity.

Everyone go out and find a roommate, please.

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