If Your Job Doesn’t Inspire You, You Need To Put In Your 2 Weeks


I cried for the last time in the back of the coffee shop Id been working at for two years.

I was getting to a point where I felt completely disconnected from my work. There were moments work was so stressful, I had to run off the floor to let out my frustrations.

For a long time, I loved my job. I put in a lot of effort, time and love into every latte I made and every shift I ran. Even others acknowledged this in me. I was respected by co-workers and appreciated by regulars.

There justcomes a point with any job where you realize its just not what you want to do with your life.

Despite how much youve learned and the amazing people youve met, its notenough to make you feel complete in the work you do.

We can easily convince ourselves something is right for us. We can tell ourselves to stay somewhere because its comfortable and because weve created a foundation for ourselves.

But if theres a growing feeling of emptiness you just cant seem to get rid of every time you walk in the doors of your workplace, maybe its time to reconsider what youre doing.

There are always going to be moments where youre bored, you feel overwhelmed, you dont like your boss or feel you should get paid more and thats OK. Its normal.

Its when these thoughts are consistent and constant that you need to rethink what youre doing, and consider finding another way to make a living.

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You could come up with a ton of excuses not to quit: the problem of not having money, of not being ready for new challenges, of trying to find a new job you actually want to do, of possibly being stuck in another job thats just as bad or even worse.

The point is to not give up even when all of this does happen. Would you rather stay in your job based on fear or based on the desire and passion you have growing inside you for it?

A career is going to take up the majority of your time in life. Its going to be a huge factor in whom you become as an individual, so it only makes sense for you to struggle in searching for the right one.

For two years Ive been living, breathing and literally drinking coffee every day because of where I worked.

I wanted so badly to be passionate about it and potentially move up in the business, but there was a more compelling desire to do something different to focus my time elsewhere.

Its hard to quit when youre comfortable. You know everyone you work with, you get the hours you want, your boss actually likes you and youve made your work into a habit you cant possibly unlearn.

The reality with this is, if youre no longer passionate about your work and stay simply because youre comfortable, then you wont be challenged in the right ways.

The challenge becomes the act of getting up for work, because theres no growing desire or meaning to do it in the first place.

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