If You Use This Popular Lip Balm, Stop Right NOW! The Reason? Scary


While it might look cute with its very distinct round package, EOS lip balm is causing anything but cuteness to many people who have been using it. Were talking some very nasty side effects right on the lip area.

And to think this lip moisturizer has been promoted and endorsed by a bunch of celebrities is mind-boggling. But it is likely the reason why this EOS or Evolution of Smooth as it stands for, has been totally tearing up the lip balm market, making even the legendary Chapstick brand become buried in the hype.

Well if its new and it sounds too good to be true, even if Kim Kardashian is endorsing (or especially so) then it probably is. In this case its not just that it is ineffective, it that it is causing actual harm. Painful and blistering rashes are being reported, so much so that an actual class action lawsuit is being filed against the company. Rachel Cronin is one of the plaintiffs who said her lips actually became dry and rough after using the product. Well, she thought, maybe Im not using enough. She applied some more, but things ended up getting worse. Her after photos reveal a swollen red and bumpy mouth which was apparently painful as well. When she posted this on social media, others began immediately chiming in saying that they also had suffered the same effect.

So far the reactions havent been explained. There’s only guessing that perhaps allergic reactions to some of the fruit oils and flavoring extracts could be to blame or perhaps the beeswax base. While this keeps the product organic and natural as possible, it could lead to severe allergic reactions. While its likely a few people would experience this, its hard to imagine a class action size group would all have these allergic responses.

If it occurs to you, you should wash it off thoroughly with a mild soap then dry the area and apply 1% hydrocortisone which will hopefully lessen the symptoms. But you should always see a doctor if things get worse.

Share this important news to friends and family to spread awareness that this product may have some bad side effects for users.

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