If Trump Asked, Marie Osmond Would Perform At His Inauguration


Donald Trump claims hes had to fend offA-list requests for tickets to his inauguration, but we all know the real whos who of Hollywood have pretty much said theyll be too busy washing their hair that day to have anything to do with the ceremony.

Of course, thats why you can always count on D-listers like Marie Osmond to step up. Osmond told Yahoo Finance that although she hasnt been asked to perform, she would happily oblige if the offer came in.

And to not support our president I think is wrong. I think we should. I think we should all support whether we are happy or sad or everything else. This is America,the 57-year-old said.

She added, We should come together and I think an inauguration should be a time to unite, it really should.

Osmond may actually be the most high-profile performer to volunteer for the gig so far, and shes got the experience to pull it off if the president-elect gives her a call. The singer performed alongside her brother Donny at Ronald Reagans inauguration in 1981.

As far as performers go for Jan. 20, Trump has thus far secured the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, singer Jackie Evancho from Americas Got Talent, and the Radio City Rockettes, though there has been sufficient drama surrounding their involvement and whether or not members are required to perform. Additionally,one tabernacle choir member has quit in protest.

While major names including Elton John, Celine Dion,Andrea Bocelli, Garth Brooks, David Foster, KISS, Moby, Idina Menzeland most recently Charlotte Church have gone on record declining to perform at Trumps inauguration, the current incarnation of the Beach Boys are still, apparently, mulling it over.

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