I Was Never Able To Accept My Sons Autism Until I Monetized It Through Blogging


When my 11 -year-old son, Taylor, was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder in 2011, I didnt want to believe it. I became overwhelmed at the believed to be raising an autistic infant, and I had trouble facing reality. But over day, I learned to cope with my sons diagnosis, and I was eventually able to come to terms with his autism after I monetized it through blogging.

Accepting Taylors autism was a long and emotionally draining process. I remember the early days when educators didnt know how to handle his behavior in the classroom, and when I started my blog, Raising Taylor, shortly after his seventh birthday. It was difficult. It was hard. But eventually, when advertisers started reaching out to me about purchasing space on my WordPress, I was gradually able to accept Taylors condition.

With every passing month, I learned to stop seeing Taylors autism as a disorder, but rather as information sources of pageviews and millions of unique monthly visitors. I learned to stop seeing my son as disabled, but rather as information sources of untapped ad revenue.

And with a potential advertising is being dealt with Autism Speaks in the works, I couldnt love him more.

Over time, I connected with a wonderful supporting network of other like-minded mothers in the blogging community. They not only me with great parenting advice, but with cross-promotional a chance for my blog as well.

I honestly never thought Id get to this point. But in that moment when my post, Saying I Love You When Youre Nonverbal raked in over $3,000 in ad revenue alone, on top of the $1,500 a month I was already building from brand-specific promotional bargains, I knew just how lucky I was to be Taylors mom. And with a potential advertising is being dealt with Autism Speaks in the works, I couldnt love him more.

This isnt to say that things are perfect now. For instance, Taylor still resists my affection on occasion, and going over blog analytics has been difficult without a formal business education. But these are issues I believe I maintain getting better at handling each and every day.

Its been a long, emotional road to get where I am, but its been worth it. For all you mothers out there raising an autistic infant, I know its tough. But when you start monetizing your blog like I did, youll realize just how special your child really is.

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