Hyperloop Test Track Will Begin Construction In A Few Weeks


Now “Back to the Future Day” has come and passed, its safe to say were living in the future. In apt timing, a test way for the Hyperloop will soon begin construction in California. It may sound like the transportation used in the “Jetsons” or “Futurama, ” butbelieve it or not, its kicking off in two to threeweeks.

The Hyperloop is a super-fast rail system that they are able to transport passengers at speeds of up to 160 miles per hour( 257 kph) via powerful vacua and magnets.When up and running, the Hyperloop will be fully powered by renewable energy. The company even expects to make a surplus of energy that they plan on selling back into the grid.

The test track will cost around$ 6 billion( 3.9 billion) and will cover a 5-mile (8 -kilometer) stretching in Quay Valley , California the self-sufficient, solar-powered township that remained yet to be constructed. During the testing period, they hope to transport an estimated 10 million people, transporting an estimated 3,400 passengers per hour, and 24 million people each year.

Hyperloop is one of the countless projects under the belt of Elon Musk , the engineer, discoverer and entrepreneur involved with ventures such as SpaceX, Tesla Motors and PayPal.

BibopGresta , the companys deputy chairman, announced the plansat the Construct // Disrupt meeting last night in London. At the event, he said, “You can replace the entire flight industry from Los Angeles to San Francisco with one tube, four times. Now if this will not disrupt the air industry I don’t know what will.”

Gresta added: “It will change entirely humanity.”

Hyperloop wont just stay confined to the super-rich and ultra-techy corners of California. The company also has plans to build one between London and Glasgow, which could take as little as 30 minutes.

As exciting and intriguing as the news is a possibility, it has received recent criticism for being vague and overly ambitious . However, its got the brains and the money behind it. Now, it simply needs to deliver.

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