Husband Planted Thousands Of Flowers Just So His Blind Wife Could Smell Them


One of the most romantic gestures a boy can do for a girl is give her flowers. Flowers have held significance as gifts since the middle ages and has maintained evolving in the years since, with different flowers taking on different meanings. We tend to associate red roses with romance, as you probably saw when stores stocked up on them for Valentine’s Day this past weekend, but after reading this story, you might reconsider which flower is the most romantic.

It might sound like something out of a Nicholas Sparks novel, but we promise you this story is 100 percent true. Mr. and Mrs. Kuroki were a happy couple living in the Miyazaki Prefecture located in rural Japan. They owned a small dairy farm and cared for their herd, as well as their two children, every day. The run was tough, but their love for each other constructed it much easier.

Unfortunately, Mrs. Kuroki lost her sight one day due to complications with her diabetes. She was 52 years old at the time and still believed that she had many good years ahead of her working on the farm and enjoying retirement with her loving husband. Upon realizing that she wouldn’t be able to see again for the rest of her life, Mrs. Kuroki was devastated. She responded by cutting herself off from the outside world and spending her days inside. Mr. Kuroki knew how much his wife loved the outdoors and hated seeing her in such desperation. That’s when he had a brilliant, and smelly, notion. Mr. Kuroki decided that he would create a flower garden for his wife and fill it with thousands of flowers. He believed the pleasant fragrance would encourage her to go outside and reconnect with the world she used to know. It took him two whole years, but her husband managed to turn their farm into a sea of flowers. The result was even more spectacular than he could have ever imagined. As for his wife’s reaction? You’ll simply got to see for yourself. Check out the images below to learn more about this romantic project and what their farm looks like today.

This is Mr. And Mrs. Kuroki. Despite her blindness, Mrs. Kuroki loves expending time outside like she used to.


It’s all thanks to the thousands of shibazakura flowers her husband planted for her.

Shintomi Machiyakuba

Also known as “Moss Phlox, ” these flowers are a creeper plant, so they rapidly spread across their acres of farmland.


Mrs. Kuroki might not be able to see their rich colors, but she can fragrance every ounce of love her husband poured into them.

Yoshiyuki Matsumoto

Their farm has grown into a tourist attraction, with up to 7,000 people visiting their land per day during March and April.

Rkr2 1Sfmfr

Even on a cloudy day, these flowers bring an detonation of life to the land they inhabit.

Yoshiyuki Matsumoto

The inside of this enclosure is decorated with pictures of Mr. and Mrs. Kuroki on their farm, which help visitors better understand their narrative and the land’s history.

Yoshiyuki Matsumoto

Those who explore the fields must feel as though they are wading through a big, purple ocean.


Mr. Kuroki still tends the flower garden to this day.

Yoshiyuki Matsumoto

Every seed he plants reminds him of his wife’s smile.

Yoshiyuki Matsumoto

As long as she’s outside and smiling, he’ll be happy.

Yoshiyuki Matsumoto

And as long as he keeps planting, she’ll maintain smiling.

Yoshiyuki Matsumoto

Watch the clip below to ensure their beautiful relationship in action. It’s one thing to buy a girl flowers, but it’s another thing to plant thousands of them simply to induce her smile again.

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