How To Have A ‘Netflix And Chill’ Style Wedding


Netflix and chill isnt just a phrase people use when theyre looking to set up a laid-back date with someone theyre trying to hookup with; its a vibe lots of people want to incorporate into their wedding day.

Thats right. Instead of going with the traditional fancy finger foods and a night of dancing to a 10-piece band, couples are looking to add a more chill, fun vibe to their wedding that will make them feel like theyre hanging out somewhere besides a generic, overdone wedding venue.

So if youre looking to add a little Netflix and chill style to your wedding, here are six easy ways to make that happen:

1. Plenty of couches

Guests at weddings are always looking for spots to just hang out and chat with other people they havent seen in a while, just met or even brought to the wedding as their plus one.

Having couches around the venue for people to hang out on with some food and drinks creates a more friendly, casual vibe forthe entire night.

2. Movie projectors

Give your guests something to do at your wedding, aside from just eating, drinking and dancing. While that might sound like enough, its always good to have an added fun activity.

Skip the overdone photo booth, and instead, set up movie projectors, where you can play slideshows or trivia games, so guests can do something to kick back and have a little midnight fun.

3. Comfort food

What better way to exudea chill vibe than by offering comfort food? You know, the kind of food you would find yourself eating on the couch on a Saturday night while binge-watching your favorite TV show.

Try offeringChinese food guests can eat straight out of their own container, flavored popcorn in mini movie-theater tubs oreven slices of pizza guests can grab straight out of thebox.

4. Lots of cheap wine

You cant adda Netflix and chill vibe to your party without bottles and bottles of cheap wine.

Cheap wine can still be good wine, and if you can serve it straight out of a box, your guests will get a pretty good laugh out of the whole thing.

For bonus points, you can even serve up some White Girl Ros who doesnt like sipping on a glass of that no matter what season it is?

5. Invitations

Skip the calligraphy. If youre looking to take your wedding invites to a whole other level, forget about paper invites completely.

Most of the time, your guests rip open the invitation envelope, read through it once and lose it or stick it in the trash (or the recycle bin, if theyre eco-minded).

Go for a more casual approach, like a private Facebook event group or an Evite. Nothing says Netflix and chill wedding coming your way like a digital invitation guestscan easily add to their iCal or Google Calendar.

6. The right tunes

Whether you have a band or a DJ powering up the music for your wedding day, ask them to play chill songs thatllmake the vibe of your wedding seem less traditional. (Skip the Shoutsong and anything by Bruno Mars.)

Search for more relaxing and unique playlists on SoundCloud or YouTube to find artists you like. Then, ask your DJ or band to remix a song, so your guests will find themselves on the dance floor, feeling like they are on a tropical vacation.

A traditional wedding may not be your style, and if thats the case, why not plan a wedding that exemplifies your personal vibe and weekend life?

Going with an overall Netflix and chill wedding will have your guests feeling like they entered a wedding straight out of 2016 or 2017 and less like its out of medieval times, with the budget of a modern-day princess (cough, cough Kim Kardashian).

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