How MLK can get you out of your ‘Trump Slump’


(CNN)Are you experiencing the following symptoms?

Insomnia: No sleep because you dread what happens over the next four years.
Hallucinations: You keep thinking that what you saw on TV last November must be a bad dream.
    Fits of rage: You’ve unfriended half of your Facebook friends and you won’t talk to certain relatives about politics anymore.
    If so, you may be suffering from a “Trump Slump.”
    There are millions of Americans who are feeling just fine. For them, Donald Trump is a champion, a truth-teller who takes on the elites and will restore America’s greatness. But there are other Americans who have been mired in a stupor since election night. If President Barack Obama seemed to them like the fulfillment of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream, then Trump represents their nightmare.


    Barber says Moral Mondays is organizing a successor to the Poor People’s Campaign that will go to Washington. It’ll be another interracial army talking about poverty, health care, the environment.
    Barber is not interested in merely remembering King — he wants to extend King’s vision. He is echoing a sentiment that made the social media rounds after Trump’s election: “Trump is the president; he’s not the future.”
    “In every age, there had to be a group of people who understand that they were born for such a time as this,” Barber says. “King said he was tracked down by the zeitgeist.
    “Now it’s our time.”

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