How do I find out my heart age?


An online NHS test has shown that 78% of adults in England have an excessively high heart age

You can learn your heart age by visiting this page on the NHS website, where you answer 16 questions about your health and lifestyle. You have to be over 30 and not have a history of cardiovascular disease to take the test.

Almost four-fifths (78%) of more than 1.9 million people in England who have taken Public Health England’s online “heart age test” were found to have a heart that is older than their chronological age.

The tool asks your age, height and weight, as well as risk factors such as smoking, diabetes, arthritis, blood pressure and cholesterol, all of which enable it to calculate your heart age and life expectancy. For the questions that you skip, the value is estimated based on the national average.

It asks for your ethnicity, gender and postcode, because women, some ethnicities and people living in certain areas tend to have better heart health than others.

After receiving your heart age and clicking on the “about your calculation” button, you get a percentage chance of having a heart attack or a stroke over the next decade.

There is then the option to see how your heart age and life expectancy are improved if you lose weight, lower your cholesterol and reduce blood pressure. You can see this by changing one of the major risk factors or any combination of the three.

Click here to take the test. To read more about the science behind the heart age tool, click here

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