House Intelligence Chair Drops Trump Surveillance Bombshell — After Asking Donald If It’s OK First!


Lots to unpack here, not the least of which is Devin Nunes‘ nose from

He says he received intel that Trump WAS surveilled, but not due to being the target of surveillance. Rather, says Nunes, Trump was speaking to foreign targets of U.S. surveillance, and he and his team were recorded “incidentally.”

Um… WHO was Trump talking to??

Nunes would not reveal that information but assured

But hey, man. What else is new?

We mean, Nunes himself was part of Trump’s transition team, so it’s already a kangaroo court.

One person who is still surprised at the outrageous move is Nunes’ fellow committee member and Representative of California Adam Schiff, who responded with his own press conference on behalf of Democrats, and the rest of the committee, who apparently have NO IDEA what Nunes is talking about!

He stated:

“If accurate, this information should have been shared with members of the committee, but it has not been. The Chairman also shared this information with the White House before providing it to the committee, another profound irregularity, given that the matter is currently under investigation. I have expressed my grave concerns with the Chairman that a credible investigation cannot be conducted this way.”

Yeah, something tells us this investigation is going to be about as “credible” as a doctor with a degree from Trump U.

Schiff went on:

What do YOU think about all this, Perezcious readers??

[Image via CNN.]

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