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Well, the Duggar fam was right: their Arkansas family home was not the focus of a Homeland Security raid this week, and

As it turns out, Homeland Security was in the area, and they did raid a Duggar property in the process! According to TMZ, it was not the Duggar home but actually Josh Duggar‘s place of business — a car dealership in Springdale, Arkansas — raided by the feds on Wednesday.

Unfortunately, we don’t know much about the nature of the raid, or what the government is investigating; a Homeland Security spokesperson did confirm Wholesale Motorcars was the site of their early morning descent into town, but the official wouldn’t go any further to explain why they were investigating the dealership, or what they were looking for in the process.

According to DailyMail.com, a family spokesperson denied Josh was the subject of any criminal investigation, and doubled down on what the family reported to the media earlier on Wednesday. The outlet implied there could be a potential Immigration & Customs Enforcement investigation coming down in addition to the raid, too, though it’s unclear whether that was actually going to take place.

Still, the dealership’s website was quickly scrubbed of most of their car listings by Wednesday afternoon, apparently in response to the unannounced raid.

Innerestingly, a Radar Online report from almost exactly a year ago claimed the dealership was “illegal,” and that the embattled Duggar son didn’t have the proper license to run the lot as a place of business, even though he owned the property.

There’s little else known about the dealership itself, so it’s unclear whether that’s what the raid was about — though it’s tough to imagine the federal government would concern themselves with some small-town permit issue.

Again, they deal with crimes having to do with “cross-border criminal activity” — which can include crimes like money laundering, cash smuggling, and illegal importing/exporting.

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