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Annabelle Comes Home is the seventh movie in the Conjuring franchise — but the first which may have actually been haunted IRL.

According to various sources a lot of strange things happened on define during filming of the scary movie sequel.

Production notes on the cinema listing a piano bench” moved overnight on several occasions, though no crew members were working, and the stage was locked .”

And yes, for Conjuring fans, it was the piano in the artifacts room.

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A journalist visited set one day, and his watch” went haywire, with it changing time, speeding up and jumping ahead hours at a time. But when he put it on the next day, the time was accurate and everything was back to normal .”

But the worst of it was surrounding the film’s young result, McKenna Grace .

McKenna Grace at the 2019 MTV Movie And TV Awards./( c) FayesVision/ WENN

The rising star, whom you may have seen as young Carol Danvers in Captain Marvel or young Sabrina in The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina , seemed to be at the center of multiple unexplainable events.

Speaking to The Wrap , she broke down her experiences πŸ˜› TAGEND

” There’s a lot but I’ll start with a short one: I woke up one morning and I had this weird, small cut near my hairline on my forehead and it was in the shape of a triangle .”

That is weird, especially the shape. And her director didn’t help matters with his explanation.

” I was really freaked out, and I get a little scared because Gary Dauberman had told me I was abducted by aliens, and I started researching. I literally supposed I had gotten abducted by foreigners .”

Awww , not cool, guy!

Hilariously, McKenna got one extra spook — when she was telling the interviewer about that experience a automobile passed by with an alien sticker on it !

Still, that isn’t too scary. McKenna teasings πŸ˜› TAGEND

” I’m just starting with the least scary experience .”

OK, reached us with worse … We can take it…

” When all of us were on set together for the first time, the suns went out and we were all freaking out and asking,’ Annabelle, are you there? ’ Then, the illuminates turned back on and my snout was bleeding so heavily. It happens sometimes because of allergies but not this heavy — as soon as I left set to get a tissue, it stopped .”

Still not sold? She’s just getting started.

The production notes detail the 12 -year-old experienced” unexplained loss of power in her trailer, doorways that she found open when they had been shut, a shadowy figure asleep in one of the empty rooms on place .”


Not only that, a” witch bottle” she got as a gift began to heat up out of nowhere and burned her hand. A glass example suddenly fell over right where McKenna and costar Madison Iseman had just been standing.

And lest you think this was just the imagination get the very best of a kid on her first horror situate, this is NOT McKenna’s first rodeo.

She played young Theo on Netflix ‘ s The Haunting Of Hill House , which was filmed on an enormous house set full of statues and concealed ghost extras.

No objections there.

McKenna is an old pro at horror by now./( c) Netflix

The creepiest one to us?

The film’s production notes mention a camera that couldn’t capture Annabelle…

“… during filming, Grace brought a new instant camera to set to take pictures with cast and crew, but every time she snapped a photo with Annabelle in it, the picture came out black .”

Um … what ??

McKenna confirmed to The Wrap πŸ˜› TAGEND

” I brought my camera and I took photos of everyone, and when I would take photos of Annabelle, each time, it would come out black. I took a photo of with her two different cameras, and both periods, it came out black. Every other photo was fine .”

OK, that is genuinely spooky.

For the individuals who don’t know, the Annabelle doll is based on a real case involving a Raggedy Ann doll which was supposedly haunted.( c) Warner Bros/ YouTube

And before any cynics come for her…

” I thought it maybe was the camera reflecting the case, but I took the photos of her outside the case .”

Need more?

And that wasn’t the only bizarre camera problem. Her onscreen parents, Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson , were witness to a really darknes moment…

” I also took a photo of me, Vera and Patrick, and Patrick wears this big cross in the movie, and when I took the picture, the cross was whited out in the photo with black stuff around it .”


The crucifix was censored ?? A HOLY symbol ??

That wasn’t the only one. The production notes mention McKenna was gifted a” rainbow-colored rosary” — and one day the crucifix only fell off onto the floor!

She remembers πŸ˜› TAGEND

” I was wearing it and all of a sudden it merely violate. I had been wearing it all day and nothing happened. It simply violate — it was the strangest experience .”

This is some real evil-sounding stuff…


And then there was the Annabelle doll itself…

” Madison and I had a scene where we had to walk down a hallway, and we heard three knockings on a door but the camera was rolling we are therefore kept going. We did it a third day and we heard it again. At that point, I asked Madison if she heard it and we both thought it was weird .”

She points out for non-fans πŸ˜› TAGEND

” In the first’ Conjuring, ’ three knocks is a sign of the holy trinity: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit .”

So what was behind the door ??

” We opened the door and Annabelle was sitting there in a shake chair .”


She swears πŸ˜› TAGEND

” We thought the guys were just messing with us. The next take, we heard the knocking again and we opened the door again — and Annabelle was gone .”

*** shiver ***

OK, do YOU buy any of this, Perezcious readers?

Or is Warner Bros just trying to stir up excitement for their next Conjuring movie and using their tween starring to sell it ??

[ Image via Warner Bros/ YouTube .]

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