Heres The 19-Year-Old Apparently Hooking Up With Floyd Mayweather


Floyd Mayweather may be retired, but he’s still recruiting new members to The Money Team.

His latest, most notable addition? A 19-year-old female singerfrom the UK who, according to the Daily Mail, works a $9-an-hour job.

Her name is Ramarni Ball, and she apparently met Mayweather at a meet-and-greet event while the former boxer was touring the UK.

According to Daily Mail, Mayweather met Ball at the venue and was pictured hours later with her in the back seat of the Rolls-Royce that took him home.

Next thing you know, this happens:

And of course, Floyd only flies private…

…so you know it was no problem for him to take her to the states.

But she’s not in America alone — it looks like her sister came along for the trip.

It’s a family affair. Welcome to The Money Team!

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