Here Are A Few Reasons Why Chocolate Might Actually Make You Smarter


When it comes to satisfying the ol’ sweet tooth, chocolate is always a good choice. The only downside is that we’re conditioned to feel terrible about indulging in decadent desserts.

We’ve all heard people throwing around facts about how chocolate has health benefits, but one recent study just solidified that idea. This is very, very good news for lovers of all things cocoa.

Georgina Chrichton carried out the study on roughly 1,000 participants and found that people who ate chocolate at least once a week displayed superior brain functionality.

The study was published in a journal called Appetite, and it concluded that people who ate chocolate at least once a week excelled in critical-thinking exercises, and they were more capable of thinking in abstractions.

While it yielded complex results, participants were asked to complete fairly simple tasks, like remembering items on lists and memorizing phone numbers. That being said, researchers connect the ability to carry out such tasks with more efficient cognitive function.

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Foods containing flavanols tend to heighten brain activity, and fortunately for us, chocolate is one of those foods.

This also isn’t the only study that supports the theory that the flavanols found in chocolate are beneficial! In 2009, a study concluded that people solved arithmetic problems more easily after they were given hot cocoa.

In 2014, another study showed that diets rich in cocoa could stave off dementia and memory loss.

Everyone’s favorite treat does as much for the mind as it does for the sweet tooth!

(via The Telegraph)

What are you waiting for? Go stock up on some chocolate! Your brain (and stomach) will thank you.

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