Heartwarming: When This Terminally Ill 6-Year-Old Wanted To Run For President, Thousands Got Together And Constructed It Happen


Life hasnt been easy for Donald Trump. Though hes merely 6 years old, hes already faced a lifetime of hardship as the outcomes of a rare terminal cancer that has left him in hospitals for much of his young life. With disturbingly yellow scalp pigmentation, a prematurely deepened voice caused by thyroid abnormalities, and a grotesquely enlarged head due to cerebrospinal liquid accumulation, he will never have a chance at a normal childhood. And, sadly, physicians believe that he wont live much longer.

But Donald doesnt want you to feel sorry for him. Nope. What he truly wants is for you to vote for him.

Believe it or not, little Donald is operating for president of the United States, and thanks to thousands of kindhearted people around the country who are committed to helping him live out his dream, hes been making a big splash on the campaign trail.

When we heard about Donnys wish, we knew we had to come together and make it occur, said Jonathan Grusin, one of thousands of Americans who has pulled out all the stops to help build Donalds dream a reality. If going to a rally or telling a pollster that Id vote for him in the 2016 election builds his day even a little brighter, Im happy to do it.

It just feels like the least I could do for a little boy whos been so, so brave, added Grusin.

So, on June 16, Donaldwearing a suit and a red tie, just like a real politicianofficially announced his candidacy in a long and delightful speech, in which he laid out his vision for the country. He said that he wanted to build a giant wall around the U.S. to keep the bad guys out, and he carried a desire to build bridges the hell is bigger than the big bridges they have in China. He also revealed that he knew how to beat ISIS, and he promised to build America better and stronger than ever.

Within days, term of Donalds presidential ambitions spread throughout the country, and soon people everywhere were volunteering their time to support the young politico. In the weeks since, the enthusiastic first-grader has been devoting speeches almost every single day, and people have been turning out by the dozens to hear his fun and simple ideas for how to build our country better. Hes even got to go on TV a few cases periods, including for a special one-on-one interview with Fox News pundit Sean Hannity!

Faith in humanity restored!

Although Donald is trying his best to prove he can hold his own against the grown-up nominees, sometimes he just cant assist but be a kid. His charmingly adolescent Twitter feed is chock-full of elementary-school insults and hilarious exaggerations that could only come from the mind of a child. A very, very special child.

But we have to say that for a 6-year-oldespecially one battling such a horrible diseasewe think that Donald is doing a pretty awesome chore. And while he might not ever make it to the Oval Office, hell always be the commander-in-chief of our hearts.

So look out, Washington: Donald Trump is coming to shake things up!

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