He Indicates Side-By-Side Photos To Jon Stewart And Asks Him To Guess The Country. Mind-Blowing? Yes.


Trevor Noah, one of the newest correspondents on “The Daily Show, ” hails from South Africa.

As a South African now living in the U.S ., he wants to set the record straight-out about Africa.

Noah invited his new boss and their viewers to assure a different side of Africa by playing a game. You can play along too.

The instructions are simple: Guess which photo was taken in Africa and which one was in the U.S.

Round 1

Stewart devoted a reasoned answer:

“The beautiful freeway there on the right is probably Silicon Valley . … The one on the left, clearly been shelled by rebels. I’m going to go with … Somalia, maybe? ”


Round 2

This time, Stewart was pretty confident:

“OK, this one’s easy. On the left there, that’s the Success Academy in Harlem. On the right there, we got … homeless kids. I’m going to go with, uhh, in Somalia again.”


Stewart: “I hate this f %# monarch game.”

Last Round

Stewart thought he was starting to catch on:

“I get how this works now. The one on the right, that’s Detroit.”


OK, so Africa isn’t just the giant mass of hopelessnes it’s often made out to be. But what exactly is Noah getting at?

So let’s stop paternalizing all of Africa. Our country has its own problems to deal with.

There’s more. And it’s really funny. Watch the video below:

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