Have you met the Obamas? Tell us about your experience


As Barack Obama nears the end of his final term in office, we want to hear from you about a time you came face-to-face with the first family

Its been eight years since the US elected its first black president. In that time, Barack Obama has been applauded and criticized for his administrations work, welcomed one dog and then another to the first family, and even began to enjoy a bit of senioritis before being pulled abruptly back to earth.

However you feel about the outgoing 44th president of the United States, its been eight years of change, to be sure. As his time in office draws to a close, we want to hear from those of you who have met the president or his family.

Did Obama greet you at a campaign stop? Reply to a letter you wrote? Were you lucky enough to visit the White House and run into Sunny or Bo? Tell us what the moment was like, either using the form below or via GuardianWitness. A selection of your responses will be included in upcoming coverage around the end of Obamas presidency.

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