Guys Actually Pay Women To Laugh At Their Small Penises


It takes all sorts to make a world. Some people have big penises, some people have small ones, and some people love having their tiny little chipolatasmocked…

Erm yeah, basically, some men really like being told that they have small, pathetic penises and, not only do they welcome the criticism, they full-on pay for it.

Small penis humiliation (SPH) is the new craze that’s taking over the fetish side of tiniternet. It even has its own bit on tumblr (in between all the teenage girls thinking they’ve been cheated by love and the faux-inspirational quotes laid over a generic landscapes).

Michelle, who is onCollarspace has a… client… who is an English banker based in Frankfurt (that narrows it down a lot). This is what she told the Daily Star:

“He enjoys being told how small he is. Ironically he is actually average-sized. But he likes being told that I prefer bigger ones. He even asked me to send a photo of my girlfriend and I laughing and to tell him that we were laughing at the size of his penis. But for many of them its not the fact that they are small. They just want me to tell them they are small and pathetic.”

Sex expert, Dr Pam Spurr, explained what men see in it…

Sometimes its a defence mechanism. If they allow others to ridicule them, in a sense they keep control of the situation. Or it can be a genuine desire to be made to feel bad, humiliated, and less-than-a-man. Because this reflects the actual truth they feel less-than-a-man.

And as for the women..?

Sometimes she simply enjoys getting off on humiliating a man like through SPH, it suggests some feelings of revenge. Perhaps in the past theyve had unhappy experiences with men and its payback time doing things like this.

So does size matter? This has really confused things for… my friend.


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