Guy Finally Gets Proof That The Rape He Was Accused Of Was A Lie


When this guy got falsely accused of rape, he lost a lot. Many of his friends, family and a great career. All the while, the “victim” sat back and said nothing – seemingly to appease her boyfriend (however that works).

The guy was trying to get along with his life when she added him on Facebook, apparently to clear the air – it didn’t really go the way she’d hoped…

So I suppose revenge come better late than never – doesn’t really matter what temperature. If anything, as revenge goes, this was pretty warm.

Either way, being accused of something that you never did is a horrible thing, especially if the act in question is like everyone’s least favourite thing. But this guy seemed to handle it with some class so fair play to him.

It’s just a shame he had to go through it in the first place, really. Let us know what you think in the comments!

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