Guy Dumps Cheating Girlfriend In The Most Elaborate Way Possible


This man spent three weeks plotting how he was going to dump his cheating girlfriend. What will three weeks of plotting get you? The most elaborated dump ever.

The man tricked his now ex-girlfriend into thinking he was going to propose to her. From her view it must have seemed so incredibly romantic. A trail of candles up the stairs, a long love letter, a journey to the Northern Lights, and then.the big reveal.

If he was actually proposing, he would have been doing it right. She was visibly moved by the effort he had apparently put in. The only clue she could have picked up on was the song by Roxette playing in the background, the lyrics proclaiming it must have been love, but its over now.

Over it definitely is, and so far 1.5 million people have watched her being dumped on YouTube. Wow.


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