Guy Arrested For Penis Prank At A Self-Service Checkout


If you’re going to get arrested in a supermarket, you’d want to make sure it was for some worthy cause. Stealing medicine for some needy orphans, for example – Ridley Scott would probably make a film about that starring Russell Crowe.

He wouldn’t make a film about you getting your d*ck out on a self-service machine, though. So don’t do that.

Annoyingly for31-year-old Christian Fisher, he wasn’t able to travel in time a day or so, read my article about him and know not to do that. Be weird if he did, though.

So yeah, that’s what he did. He went into theQuality Food Center market in Seattle, placed his penis on the machine and called over a female member of staff “to help”.

As reports have it, he was laughing all the while even though the staff member clearly wasn’t overjoyed with his member. The police were then called after a co-worker saw what was going on…

The suspects penis was resting on top of the scanner and that the suspect was laughing and did not make any attempts to stow away his blatantly exposed genitalia.” – said a Police report

Fisher managed to sling his hook before the police arrived but, for whatever reason – like a criminal always returns to the scene of the crime to witness their work – he went back to the shop.

That’s when he got recognised and asked to leave but, when he refused, he caused a scuffle with security and reportedly was shouting “I didn’t whip my c*ck out!”

As you might have suspected, the police came again and Fisher was arrested. He now facesindecent exposure and assault charges.

All for a sleazy prank. Happy days.

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