Girl Hides In Cheating Boyfriend’s Boot, Live Tweets The Whole Showdown


Earlier this month,@vickto_willylive tweeted a video of herself hiding in the boot of her cheating boyfriend’s car.

This went viral, and people begged for her to elaborate, and tell the full story.

Well, in what is perhaps the best Twitter story we’ve seen this year, victo_willy finally agreed to elaborate on how she wound up in her boyfriend’s boot, and told how she realised he was cheating, developed a theory on who he was cheating with, went to the girl’s house – only to find her boyfriend’s car already there – and so decided to get in the trunk to scare him.

We’ll let her take it from here:

Thankfully, it turns out one of her friends (who’d seen her get into the boot) had followed the boyfriend, and so victo drove off with her. And, we never really got a proper ending to the story:

If you want to read the whole thing, head over to Twitter.

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