George R.R Martin Shared Some Backstory On Brienne Of Tarth


At a recent convention in Baltimore, George R.R Martin decided to share some backstory on Brienne of Tarth.

We already knew that she’s the only (surviving) child ofLord Selwyn Tarth, and that her father tried to find her a suitor, but due to her physical appearance (and her resistance to the idea), his search wasn’t exactly easy.

While she got several marriage offers, she turned them all down. (One –Ser Humfrey Wagstaff – wanted to marry her, but only ifshe act more feminine after the wedding. Brienne agreed, but on the condition that Humfrey could beat her in physical combat.. They fought, and obviously Brienne won).

Now, George has revealed that Brienne is actually descended fromSer Duncan the Tall (presumably where she got her height from).

Ser Duncan appears in George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones prequels, Dunk and Egg. Lighter in tone than GOT, these stories take place in a Westeros 90 years younger than the one that we know and love, and see Ser Duncan and his squire Egg have various adventures.

(Egg is actually called Aegon Targaryen, and as we know, winds up on the Iron Throne as the Mad King).

George has suggested before that HBO adapt these books, when Game of Thrones has finished, and now that he’s revealed that Brienne of Tarth is connected, the prospect just got even more appealing.

We know she doesn’t actually appear in the Dunk and Egg books, but maybe in a TV adaptation they could somehow incorporate her (as a child?) in. If Egg is Aegon – Daenerys’ dad – then Dunk can’t be much more thanBrienne’s grandfather?

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