Genius Little Girl Sets Up Cookie Stand Outside A Shop That Sells Weed


Sometimes you come across a kid – on programmes like ‘Child Genius’ or reciting poetry in French on the tube – that you can just tell are going to go far.

This girl, who set up her very own cookie stand outside a shop selling weed in Portland, Oregan (it’s legal there y’see), is definitely one of them. The Girl Scout (Brownie/Guide in England) set up the stand with the help of her aunty, outside Foster Buds Marijuana Dispensary, with a sign reading “Satisfy your munchies”.

Her Aunty told local news that they, unsurprisingly, had loads of customers within the first few minutes of setting up. She said that while the Girl Scouts organisation don’t exactly approve of her nieces tactics:

“It’s not against the rules, which sounds like good enough reason to me… It seems like the people are happy we’re here.”

Even the store were happy to promote the store, posting the below photo on their Facebook:

There goal was to sell 35 boxes, which they did, and quickly…

Watch out Richard Branson, I spy an entrepreneur in the making.

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