General Catalyst-backed Octane AI will make you a bot


Bots are hot. Ever since Facebook introduced chatbots at F8 last spring, theyve been integrated into brand pages for customer service, e-commerce and fun.

But how do you make a bot? Many businesses dont have developers that are adept at creating them.

Enter Octane AI, a newly formed startup launched by media personality Ben Parr, serial entrepreneur Matt Schlicht and Omegle founder Leif K-Brooks. The team hasalready built up a following in the bots community after creating a popular Facebook group and a digital magazine.

Their businessis like web designplatformsWix or Weebly, but for chatbots. Its a paint-by-numbers for bot creation thats so easy, I could do it. (I did it! I programmed theKatie Roof bot to respond with raise the roof as my greeting. Sorry but not sorry).

Phil Libin, co-founder of Evernote and partner at General Catalyst, talked about why they led a $1.5 million funding round in Octane. Bots are a very natural way to interact with technology, he said, voicing optimism about the founders because hes impressed with the community theyve already managed to build.

With an impactful client list that includes 50 Cent and Aerosmith, the Octane team hopes to double down on its Facebook business, eventually expanding to SMS, iMessage, Slack and websites.

We believe this is something that everyones going to need, not just top enterprises, said Schlicht.

Believing that bots are more than just a gimmick, Parr says, this actually saves you time. This actually makes you money. Its very clearly a win for every business that uses it.

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