Four People Who Lived With Extra Body Parts


Everyone got excited when one man – alias Double D*ck Dude – took to reddit to discuss life with two penises.

In this day and age, surgical techniques are so good that anyone born with an ‘abnormality’ usually has it corrected pretty quickly. We’ve got to a stage where even children born in third world countrieswith, say, extra limbs, are usually offeredsurgery ‘pro-bono’ so they can live a normal life.

It’s rare that we see an adult with extra limbs – or extra ‘appendages’ – and so it is – admittedly – interesting to learn how normal life works when you don’t have a ‘normal’ body.

Francesco Lentini

If the Double D*ck Dude thought that he was something special, he’s obviously never heard of Francesco Lentini. The Italian-American showman was born with three legs, four feet and two sets of genitals.

This was the result of a partially absorbed conjoined twin, attached at the base of Francesco’s spine.

In spite of his abnormality, Francesco lived a long and happy life. He worked at a circus (his signature act using his third leg to kick a ball across the stage), got married and had four children. Living until the ripe old age of 82, he died in 1966 of lung failure.

Myrtle Corbin

Alive at the same time as Francesco, Myrtle Corbin had two fully formed pelvises, and four legs. Like Francesco, Myrtle worked in a circus – as ‘The Four-Legged Woman’ – and she also married.

She had five children, and, with her two vaginas, it is rumoured that three were born from one pelvis, and two from the other. She died from a skin infection just a few days short of her 60th birthday.

Zhang Ruifang

Not born with any deformity, Zhangwas 100 years old when she started to grow a horn on her forehead. Doctors quickly realised that this was a cutaneous horn, made of the same material as fingernails.

Although no oneexactly knows what causes these ‘horns’, it’s thoughtthat extended exposure to the sun could be a contributing factor.

Zhang got noticed by the media back in 2010, and her exposure led doctors to offer to remove the horn for free. She wasn’t keen on the idea, however, as she’d become pretty attached to her horn.

Deepak Paswaan

Like Francesco, Deepak was born with the limbs of a partially absorbed, parasitic twin. In his case, he had two extra arms and two extra legs coming out of his chest.

In his native India, he was revered as a god but, seeing how difficult it was for their son to live with his abnormality, and wanting him to be able to live a normal life, his parents began to raise money so he could have the limbs removed.

Today, Deepak looks like any other little boy, and can laugh and play with his friends, without anyone thinking that he’s a god.

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Image Credits: Wikipedia, The Daily Mail, The Human Marvels

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