Floser Sues Starbucks Because Iced Coffee Has Too Much Ice


File this next to the girl who sued her parents for not paying for the dream college of her choice. Some girl in Illinois was pissed that her venti iced coffee had more ice than she anticipated, but rather than ask for less ice or idk just do nothing at all, she decided to sue Starbucks for $5 million. Yes, really.

Sure, we spend a shit ton of money on iced coffee and could probably buy a house in 5 years if we never drank another cup, but $5 mill is just like, seriously? Get over it.

The thing is, you could totally buy an iced coffee with no ice then ask for a cup of ice on the side but then you’d be that girl and like honestly, who cares that much? It’s like anyone that’s ever asked for vodka with a splash of cranberry knows that’s not a real drink, but bartenders will give you more because you always get free shit. So just ask for more fucking coffee and they’ll probably fill your cup without you embarrassing yourself in a lawsuit.

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