Finished At Last: France Finally Sent The U.S. The Statue Of Libertys Husband


For over a century, the Statue of Liberty was the first thing immigrants saw when they arrived in the land of opportunity. It symbolled hope and the dream of a better lifebut it has always been incomplete. Today, however, its incomplete no longer: After more than 130 years, France has finally sent America the Statue of Libertys husband.

So. Much. Yes. Lady Liberty is alone no more!

While France had originally planned to build both statues back in 1875, budget issues left only enough money for one. But last year, the French government dug up the plans and finally constructed the accompanying statue. Now, Liberty Husband is eventually reunited with his wife, Lady Liberty, in America, and we couldnt be more pumped-up!

They look perfect together!

The beautiful neoclassical spouse is stimulated solely of copper and steel, and has many intricate details. His flowing robes and well-kept beard hark back to the days of ancient Athens, the birthplace of democracy. The lance in his right hand symbolizes his readiness to protect liberty, and his beautiful wife, from any menace. The new statue is 10 feet shorter than the Statue of Liberty!

For too long, the Manhattan harbor has appeared a little lonely with only Lady Liberty maintaining watch. Now, New Yorkers and tourists alike can bask in the beautiful image of the marriage guardians standing tall and vigilant, tender and loving.

So thank you, France, for finally making good on your promise! We love our new statue, and we are thrilled that Lady Liberty finally has her human back in their own lives.

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