Finish Line Employee Buys Kid New Shoes After Hearing the Story Behind His Torn Sneakers


He didn’t want him going to school with shoes that were in that bad of shape…

You can have holes in your shirt and life goes on. It’s even a fashion statement now to have holes in your jeans, but when it comes to your shoes, most people would prefer they’re water tight. Sebastian was well overdue for a new pair of sneakers as he made his way into the Natrick Mall Finish Line.

This is where he meets Osmani Torres, a salesman at the shoe store.

Right off the bat, Sebastian requested the “cheapest shoes in the store.”

I looked down at his feet and saw the shoes that he was wearing were destroyed, Torres wrote in a Facebook post. Literally, they were breaking apart.

Torres asked the young man if those were the shoes he wore his first week of school. My mom didnt have enough money to buy me new shoes to start the year, Sebastian told Torres.

I told him, Dont worry, pick any shoe you like, Torres said. Sebastian walked the store and picked out a brand new pair of Nike’s, which Torres paid for.


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