Fat Piece of Garbage Gets the Sweetest Revenge on Abusive Boyfriend With Killer Transformation


At 274 pounds, he said she was “worthless” & nobody would love her even if she lost the weight. Little did he know…

When it comes to pursuing a new relationship, its pretty typical to expect happy times, new memories and even hope for the future. Nobody expects that the end result will be a dual diagnosis of depression and food addiction.

Alvina Rayne would have never expected it either.


The 32-year-old mother of two hasnt always been overweight. But when she found herself in a physically and emotionally abusive relationship, she turned to binge-eating junk food as a way to cope with her depression.

At her heaviest, 274 pounds, Alvina was buying mens clothing, and becoming less and less able to take on everyday tasks like walking up the stairs or playing with her kiddos.


Like many who struggle through verbally abusive relationships, the Philadelphia mother didnt believe she was strong enough to leave him. She was too depressed to leave him. And whenever she hinted at the thought of leaving, hed just degrade her even more, telling her she was worthless, and that no one could ever love hereven if she were to lose the weight.


It was when her boyfriend called her a fat piece of garbage that Alvina decided she had had enough. She knew that high blood pressure, pre-diabetes and anxiety attacks were only the beginning of the troubles she would face if she didnt make a change.

In an attempt to be the mom she knew she needed to be for her children, Alvina built up the courage to leave her crummy boyfriend for good.

She overhauled her entire lifestyle and dramatically changed her eating habits.


Whenever she struggled to lose the weight, shed remind herself of the terrible things her ex-boyfriend would say to her. No one will want you became the driving force behind her unbelievable transformation. Alvina was determined to prove him wrong.

And that she didlosing 130 pounds!!!


After seeing the way she looks now, its no surprise that her ex-boyfriend called her up and asked her out again.

He said, I heard you put on some hotness.

But sticking to her newfound girl-power, Alvina happily declined.

She’s now happily married to a man she says “treats her like Gold.”

Facebook/Alvina Rayne

You go girl!

In Alvina’s YouTube video detailing her story, she concludes with this Scripture verse that perfectly sums up her powerful recovery journey:

Yes, beautiful girl, He certainly will.

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