Farage Claims That ‘£350 Million NHS Pledge’ Was A Mistake


Just hours after it was announced that 52% of the UK had voted to leave the EU, Nigel Farage has admitted that saying the money saved would go to the NHS was a “mistake”.

Susanna Reid – interviewing him on Good Morning Britain– pointed out that the the Leave campaign pretty much based their campaign on this claim:

“Thats why many people have voted! Youre saying after 17 million people have voted for Leave and that [advert] was a huge part of the propaganda.”

Nigel wasn’t actually affiliated with the official Leave campaign, and told Susanna that he would never have made that claim:

“It wasnt one of my adverts.I would never have made that claim.That was one of the mistakes I think that the Leave campaign made.”

Economic experts have pointed out that the 350 million a week figure is misleading – it doesn’t take into account the amount of money that the UK gets back from the EU.

Since the Brexit result was announced, the pound has dropped to the lowest it’s been since 1985, and oil prices and stocks are crashing across the world.

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