Fan theory: All of the Trumps are Westworld robots


Image: mashable composite; hbo, getty images

HBO’s Westworld is a reality-bending science fiction epic about technology, human decency and free will.

Having pored over the show’s released episodes, I’ve begun to develop several theories about the Westworld universe. Is the show covering multiple timelines? Is William the Man in Black? Is Melania Trump also a Westworld robot, along with the entire Trump family except for Tiffany?

In my opinion, the answer to all of those questions is yes.

I first began to develop this theory after Melania’s speech on Nov. 3, in which she revealed that a large part of her work as first lady would be spent solving the problem of rudeness on social media. Much like Dolores seeing a printed picture of a guest and not reacting to it on Westworld, Melania is unable to take in information that contrasts her reality. Namely, that her husband is, you know, probably the most famous mean person on social media.

Equally interesting: much of Melania’s verbal output has been pulled from historical speeches by Michelle Obama and quotes from Marla Maples. Writers can be lazy, and it’s likely that someone at Westworld HQ was fired over this.

Also we’ve never seen Melania kill any flies.

Next, let’s take a look at Eric Trump and Donald Trump Jr., Trump’s two 30-something big-game hunting robot sons.

Here we see Eric Trump talking about how sexy wine is.

Eric, clearly broken, is stuck in a loop of calling a liquid attractive. Perhaps his attraction to wine is pulled from a previous storyline in which he was a sommelier in a brothel or something. Either way, he’s due for an upgrade, which is why the Trump campaign keeps him powered down and standing naked in that basement.

Donald Trump Jr., on the other hand, seems to be a classic Westworld black hat, who sits on 5th Avenue eating poison Skittles and asking passerby if they want to kill and harvest an elephant. Donald Trump Jr. is clearly modeled on Hector.

To put it simply, Trump’s bizarre adult sons are too specific to not be Westworld robots.

Everyone in this pic is saying “bleep bloop.”

Image: Getty Images

Ivanka Trump, basically using her father’s campaign to strengthen her own brand, is considered by most to be the smartest Trump. Ivanka appears, at times, to be closing in on locating the center of the Westworld maze and gaining independence.

Donald Trump himself admitted that his young son Barron is “so good with these computers, its unbelievable,” obviously referencing his son’s ability to pass a Turing test.

Tiffany Trump is not a robot and remains perhaps the most perplexing part of the entire Westworld universe to me. My guess is that Tiffany is in a second timeline.

Finally, let’s look at Dr. Robert Ford, portrayed by Anthony Hopkins. A megalomaniac obsessed with branding, Ford has built a world filled with people he can do anything to. Clearly, Ford and Trump are one in the same, perhaps in separate timelines.

This photo took me 16 hours to make in Photoshop, proving that I am a guest and not a host.

Image: mashable composite, getty images, hbo

Westworld airs on Tuesday, Nov. 8 at a polling place near you.

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