Excruciating choice for GOP leaders: Take a risk on Trump?


(CNN)What could possibly motivate a Republican to formally endorse Donald Trump and join his raucous brigade? With each primary and caucus victory, the pressure for prominent Republicans to take a stand on his candidacy greatly intensifies. But taking this step is not easy.

Announcing that you will back Donald Trump is to enter into an alliance with a person who is controversial, explosive and who can often get extremely nasty on the campaign trail.




      Conservatives plot to deny Trump the nomination


    Taking the step of standing on the podium with Donald Trump will not be easy.

    Every politician realizes the high costs that can come with this, particularly since the outcome of the fight might not be totally settled until the summer.

    For many Republicans, this will come down to balancing political and self-interest with the difficulty of supporting a candidate who is genuinely distasteful to them and who risks bringing them embarrassment and anger from people they respect. But as Trump looks like the only real game in town, we’ll see more Republicans deciding that this is a risk worth taking.

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