EXCLUSIVE! Sexism, Homophobia, Bigotry — We Unearthed Old Tapes Of The Apprentice And Found More Of The Real Donald Trump!


Going back through seasons of old footage of The Apprentice, Donald Trump repeatedly said sexist, homophobic things while condoning and apologizing for sexual harassment and even going so far as to threaten contestants who wouldn’t vote for him for President.

And considering how reality TV super-producer Mark Burnett

There’s no question he has done

In season ten of the show, in an episode airing on November 4, 2010, Trump questioned, badgered, and aggressively insinuated that contestant David Johnson might be gay (he was not):

TRUMP: “David are you gay?”

DAVID: “Not at all sir.”

TRUMP: “You never know and who cares, right David? I know guys who were married for twenty years, they left with a guy. I mean they liked a guy. Right David? But, that’s not you?”

DAVID: “Not me sir.”

TRUMP: “Are you sure you don’t want to come out? I know guys who were married for twenty years, they left with a guy. I mean they liked a guy. Right David? But, that’s not you?”

DAVID: “Not me sir.”

TRUMP: “Are you sure you don’t want to come out?”

DAVID: “I am a 100% sure I’m not coming out.”

Seriously, Donald?!

How offensive — and relentless — can you be asking somebody something so personal, whether or not they are gay?! Inappropriate!!

He did it with celebrities, too, like the season of Celebrity Apprentice where The Donald openly questioned whether Clay Aiken could get along with “rough” bikers in a season 12 episode that aired on April 8, 2012:

PAUL [biker lead]: “You know what? I got to say, Clay is always a hitter.”

TRUMP: “That’s a big shocker to you?”

PAUL: “I’m telling you. The guy is so well-rounded.”

TRUMP: “How would Clay get along with your rough guys? I see some of the guys you work with. They’re seriously rough, right? These are rough guys and they love being on a bike and they’ll go from New York to California.”

PAUL: “I don’t think he’d want to.”

TRUMP: “Would he survive in that world?”

CLAY: “I put up with you okay.”

PAUL: “Yeah, he does put up with me.”

TRUMP: “I think he might, right?”

IVANKA: “If he was project manager in your shop would he get anything done?”

PAUL: “No. No.”

IVANKA: “That would be a good task.”

CLAY: “Try me.”

TRUMP: “That’s a little different. He might do better than you think. Who knows, right?”

Hmm… more of the same from The Donald, assuming gay people somehow can’t compete in the world! Plain ignorance!!

More disturbing in terms of his own presidential aspirations, though, is The Donald’s complete insistence on being worshipped in the boardroom of The Apprentice.

For example, take this exchange from season 11, episode seven (that aired April 24, 2011), where he said that anybody who wouldn’t vote for him for President is “stupid”:

TRUMP: “Who would not vote for me? Who would not vote for me? That’s good.”

IVANKA: “A hot hint, don’t raise your hand.”

TRUMP: “I would say anybody that raised their hand would immediately be fired because they’re stupid.”

Only complete babies can’t handle criticism and differing opinions!!

Speaking of criticism and differing opinions, here’s a horrifying thought: President Trump out seeking retribution with access to nuclear weapons!

Speaking of beauty, if there is one person who looks good in The Donald’s mind — besides, well, The Donald himself — it’s Ivanka.

Ohhhhh, Ivanka.

In an April 14, 2013 episode of season 13 of The Apprentice, Trump drops this little nugget in on the boardroom:

“Ivanka, you look great tonight, too. That’s a good looking daughter. Do we agree?”

Right… because it’s not creepy enough to worship your daughter’s looks, he has to go a step further and get everyone else to ogle her, too.


Of course, ALL of this goes all the way back to his original first episode of the show — in other words, The Donald has ALWAYS been this way, and he will never change.

In case you don’t remember back that far — nearly thirteen years ago — it was January 8, 2004 when episode one of season one of The Apprentice aired, and Trump said this:

TRUMP: “Who’s going to work for me at the end? Now some of you think that attending a top business school gives you an advantage. Others think that street smarts and hands-on experience are the best way to get ahead. Additionally, women have a tougher time in the workplace, or so they say. Let’s find out. We’re going to be setting up two teams of eight each, and I’ve decided it’s going to be men against women.”

That’s right — he openly questioned at the very start of his very first show whether women actually had a tougher time than men in the workplace. That was the lead-in to his entire series.

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He’s always questioned women. He’s always been in the dark about gay men.

He’s always been ignorant to the plight of, well, literally everybody except for himself.

And you expect him to suddenly change and become a professional, redeemable person now that he’s running for President???

Dream on.

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