Everyone’s In Love With This “Sexy Gandalf” Costume


Tjitske Van Vark isa student in Melbourne, Australia. She’s 18 (so first and foremost, don’t be scared) and recently had her last day of school.

Normal normal normal normal, right? WRONG!

It wasn’t a normal day for her as she broke the internet. Well, we say ‘broke’… she was particularly popular on the internet. Why? Because, for her muck up day, she decided to dress up as…

For those of you you don’t know, muck up day is a tradition where senior pupils have a load of fun by dressing up and pranking on their last day.

Tjitske originally hails from The Netherlands but moved to Oz when she was 10. She posted the pictures to her

Naturally the pictures garnered some attention on the web and, since, she’s received her fair share of marriage proposals, followers and fools thinking she’s Dumbledore.

Speaking to

Well good on her. She rocks the look. She’s givingMcKellen a run for his money!

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