Everyone had the same joke for the 69-hour government shutdown


On Monday, the government reopened after a three-day shutdown. Well, if we want to get exact, the government was actually closed for 69 hours. Yes, 69 hours. News outlets tweeted the news with this information, which immediately triggered a long-standing meme of replying “nice” to anything referencing the number 69.

After the Associated Press tweeted the news, the first “nice” reply was posted within minutes.

More followed.

There are more than 3,000 replies to the original tweet, and most of them are “nice” jokes.

Will the internet ever get tired of this joke? Probably not. But on a Twitter, which has Nazis and widespread harassment issues, it’s kind of nice to see everyone still referencing a very silly meme.

Some people apparently didn’t get the memo.

Naturally, people replied to his tweet with more 69-nice jokes.

But one person actually went through the trouble of explaining the meme.

That should do it.

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