Drew Carey Wants Libertarian Gary Johnson As President


Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson went all-out Hollywood on Saturday night with a fundraiser at Drew Carey’s house.”>

Even the invitation for the Drew Carey-hosted fundraiser for Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson was a bit unconventional. The dress code was listed as Libertarian Comfortable, i.e ., whatever youre comfy in, and there were plenty of jeans and sneakers on display. While the host did offer complimentary valet parking, he suggested that Uber-ing might be easier.

Guests began to assemble around 5 p. m. Saturday evening, the sky prematurely darkening not with the risk of being rain but from nearby wildfires that made a haze overhead. I looked at the sky today and think, Trumps about to give a speech, Carey joked in an interview with The Daily Beast before the event get underway. I dont know what America hes living in, he added of Trump, but hes crazy. When Johnson addressed the crowd subsequently, he echoed Careys sentiments by asking, What country is he talking about?

The former New Mexico governor arrived early, wandering into the backyard wearing jeans, Nike sneakers, a seersucker jacket and a white t-shirt that appeared to have a food truck on it. He told us that Carey is one of several celebrities who have expressed their support for him, even if many are not yet willing to do so publicly.

I always tell Im going to protect the innocent until they actually come out, he told. In addition to The Price Is Right host, spotted in the fundraiser mob Saturday were Veep s Diedrich Bader( who also co-starred on The Drew Carey Show ) along with Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic and former NBA player turned TNT commentator Kenny Smith.

Johnson had just arrived on the West Coast from Cleveland, where he said he spent the week giving over 70 interviews and had upwards of 500 people come up to him to pledge their support, including some delegates who were decked out in Trump regalia. But he is still holding out for the type of game-changing endorsement that could launch him beyond the 15 percent threshold in polls and put him on the general election debate stage.

Most notably, there are hold-out Republican like Jeb Bush, who has said he has no plans to vote for either Clinton or Trump. That would be huge, Johnson says of a potential Bush endorsement, saying he would welcome it with open arms. Asked if he views either Clinton or Trump as being worse for America, Johnson deftly dodged the issues to, demonstrating he does in fact have a natural politician concealed within his unusual exterior. There is a big pathway down the middle that Im occupying at the moment, he says. While Trump is inflammatory, the one word he uses to describe Clinton is beholden.

This is a group of people who believe Clinton would be as disastrous for the country as Trump would, and in many ways dont see as much difference between the two as those who are entrenched on either side of the political spectrum. One Johnson supporter, wearing a full tuxedo, told him that if he had a handgun to his head and had to choose between Trump and Clinton he would choose death. Some things are just more important, he explained.

After delivering some brief remarks to the fundraisers attendees, in which he accused Trumps operating mate Mike Pence of leaning into the medication war and said he would defer to his own go mate Bill Weld on Supreme Court appointments, Johnson sat down for a Q& A session with Libertarian activist Matt Kibbe. It was during that discussion that Ted Cruzs non-endorsement of Trump at the Republican National Convention came up. When Cruz told delegates and those watching at home to vote their conscience in November, Johnson told be believes that was an endorsement of his campaign.

Carey, a longtime Libertarian which is available on the board of the Reason Foundation, was initially approached by the Johnson campaign to host a fundraiser at a bar or eatery in Los Angeles. But instead he be submitted to do it at his home in the Hollywood Hills. I throw a good party, he told. The comedian spent the evening strolling the grounds, mingling with guests and pulling out his signature black-framed glass only for selfies.

As for why Carey supports Johnson, he told, I dont need a national daddy, or mommy. Like Johnson, Carey would not tell which of the two major candidates he believes would be worse for the country. Asked who the lesser of two evils is between Clinton and Trump, he replied, simply, Gary Johnson. And he has no concerns about the Libertarian nominee potentially stealing referendums away from Hillary Clinton and unwittingly delivering the election to Donald Trump, as some polls have shown .

I dont give a fuck, Carey says, bluntly. If your person doesnt get enough referendums, you lose. I dont want to hear it. There are more than two options and you are allowed to vote for whoever you want. This is America. If you cant get the votes to win, tough shit.

In liberal Hollywood, Hillary Clinton may have George Clooney and Oprah Winfrey in her corner, but Johnson has a fierce defender in The Price Is Right host. Hey, at least its not Scott Baio .

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