Dr. Phil’s Brag Accidentally Revealed Sophie Turner And Joe Jonas’ Wedding Date


Dr. Phil just couldn’t help himself.

Over the weekend, Sophie Turner posted a sweet photo of her and husband Joe Jonas being all kinds of cute in front of the Eiffel Tower.

And when Phil McGraw, the host of the talk show “Dr. Phil,” saw the photo, he just had to leave a humble brag as a comment.

“1 week to go!” he wrote, adding: “See you at the wedding!”

Unfortunately, his need to inform the world that he’s attending the famous couple’s wedding also spilled the tea on the ceremony’s secret date.

Although Turner and Jonas tied the knot in May during an impromptu wedding in Las Vegas, it was done on a whim, and many of the couple’s loved ones were not present.

Jonas actually admitted during an interview with SiriusXM earlier this month that his parents learned about the Vegas wedding online.

“In my mind, [the Vegas wedding] was the legal portion of the marriage,” he said when asked why his parents weren’t there or why they weren’t given a heads up about the surprise wedding. “So, I was thinking, this is not the most important day, there’s an important day — that I’ll keep private — ahead of us.”

This “important day” is most likely the couple’s more formal ceremony that they’ve been planning for quite a while — and have been pretty tight-lipped about.

And for those who are wondering why Dr. Phil will be in attendance at the Jophie nuptials, the TV personality, who is not an actual doctor, did seem to bond with Turner when she visited McGraw’s podcast “Phil in the Blanks” in April to discuss her experiences with mental health.

“I’m really excited to be here,” the “Game of Thrones” actress gushed on the podcast. “Because I’m a huge fan of your show.”

We’re just wondering how big of a fan she is now.

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