Donald Trump: ‘Ted Cruz didn’t win Iowa, he stole it’


Donald Trump just accused Ted Cruz of stealing the Iowa caucuses over the Cruz campaign’s admission that it helped spread a rumor that Ben Carson was dropping out of the race:

The thought here is that Carson votes went to Cruz after the rumor was started and that it only took a small number of voters per caucus site to give Cruz the win.

CNN had reported that Carson was taking a break from the campaign before the caucus even started, which is where Cruz’s campaign allegedly first heard the story (note the countdown clock at the bottom-left):

Cruz went on to apologize to Carson over spreading the rumor:

Trump also hit Cruz over the controversial mailer designed to “shame” voters into caucusing:

Our coverage of the mailer story:

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Update. Trump added another tweet after we published the post:

Update 2. Oh boy:

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