Donald Trump mocked in ‘Will & Grace’ reunion


Usually it takes a paycheck or a ratings ploy to reunite a TV show’s cast after 10 years apart, but the stars of Will & Grace got the band back together for a much nobler cause on Monday to decry Donald Trump and encourage voter registration.

After days of cryptic Twitter teases, Debra Messing, Eric McCormack, Sean Hayes and Megan Mullally revealed a new 10-minute scene focused on the 2016 election, in which Messing and McCormack’s titular characters attempt to educate the unabashedly un-PC Karen (Mulally) and self-absorbed Jack (Hayes) about Donald Trump’s many misdemeanors and Hillary Clinton’s place in history.

The new video which also takes time to weigh in on Ryan Lochte’s shenanigans and Brangelina’s recent split comes just hours before the first presidential debate, moderated by NBC News’ Lester Holt. Will the video change voters’ minds, or will it take an intervention from Katy Perry?

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