Does This Tweet Prove Kim Kardashian Is Having Twins Via Her Surrogate?


It’s a day ending in the letter Y, so obvi the internet is desperate for clues about the Kardashian-Jenner pregnancies. For now, Kris is only feeding us scraps of information about Kim’s pregnancy, which is not exactly exciting because it’s not a near-teen pregnancy, Kim is not having a baby out of wedlock, and this pregnancy has already been confirmed. Come on, Kris. Where’s the drama? Where’s the pizzazz? But whatever, I’ll take what I can get at this point. Back when Beyoncé had twins, we all joked that Kim Kardashian would have triplets to try to one-up her. And it looks like Kim might have took the memes too far with a recent tweet that seemed to imply Kim and Kanye are expecting twins with their surrogate. Kim, you know that was a joke and not a challenge, right?

On Monday afternoon, Kim Kardashian tweeted to her followers, asking if anyone had a good recommendation for a double stroller. You know, because it’s not like this woman has a whole team of people around her at all times who she could consult for advice or anything. Naturally, this caused Twitter to freak out that Kim’s surrogate is expecting twins, because why else would you ask that?

Well, there could be other reasons, as it turns out. Kim quickly clarified her tweet with a follow-up, saying that she is looking for a double stroller for the two kids she already has.

But I’m not entirely convinced. First off, North West is four years old. Most infants are fully walking at about 14 to 15 months old, meaning that North has been walking for years now. On top of that, some doctors warn against using a stroller past the age of four or five, saying it could discourage the child from becoming active and independent. I’m not saying this to criticize Kim’s parenting, I’m pointing this out because why would you buy a brand new stroller for a child that probably doesn’t even need a stroller?

Also, Saint West is only one year old. That means the difference in size between him and North is not insignificant. While Consumer Reports says it’s best to use a double stroller for twins (obviously), you use one for two different aged children, it just might be harder to find one that can accommodate the uneven weight distribution. Although perhaps the double stroller in question is for Saint and the new baby—that would make more sense. But then why tweet implying the smoking double stroller is for your 4-year-old and 1-year-old? Is there a logical explanation for all this? Or is this tweet a convenient cover-up? 

Let’s be real, this is Kim Kardashian we’re talking about. If Kim genuinely wanted some good stroller recommendations, she could ask Beyoncé or read Amazon reviews or have her assistant Google it or do basically anything more efficient than shooting it out into the Twitter-verse. Kim knew what she was doing with this tweet. She wants us to think she’s having twins. Kim Kardashian basically incepted all of us. You win, Kim. You win this round, but I’m not giving up on my Kardashian-West twins conspiracy theory just yet.

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