Disgruntled Bride-To-Be Posts Engagement Ring On Ebay Because She “Turned Her Fianc Gay”


Breakups are never easy. When people fall in love, they rarely consider the possibility that things won’t work out between them and their significant other, especially if their beau has gone as far as popping the question – so they plan and invest in their future together.

But one woman’s happy ending was abruptly shattered when she discovered that her fiancé was gay. The 27-year-old woman from Manchester, England, revealed that she had grown suspicious when her fiancé started “spending a little too much time with his friend Brad”. They would frequently go on a “wild one” together and not return until the next afternoon. However, the anonymous woman was very deeply committed to her fiancé. In fact, they had bought a house and a dog together, something which had left her in a financially vulnerable position “because that’s what adults do… when you’re in love.” Then she discovered bright pink stilettos, a long blonde wig, a pair of white stockings and a dress amongst her fiancé’s belongings. Amazingly, this still wasn’t enough to make the woman leave her fiancé, but their relationship began to suffer when he stopped having sex with her, despite the fact she’s got “a great rack and an ass that Kim K would insure for £8million by mistaking it for her own.” Not knowing what to do next, the heartbroken woman decided to put her 18ct engagement ring “the size of Gibraltar” on eBay because she “turned her fiancé gay” and wrote all of the above – giving potential buyers a little too detailed explanation of the ring’s history. “Here I am. Single, living with my ex-fiancé because we’re both too skint to move out, with a rock the size of Gibraltar on my finger, wondering, ‘How many other men have I turned?’” she wrote on the eBay ad which had received a number of bids. The spurned woman made a point of adding that she was “now sharing a tub of ice cream with my dog and screaming ‘WHY’ at the ceiling.” “The ring is beautiful. I mean, Brad probably picked it as he has great taste,” she continued. “But it just reminds me of my failure to grow a penis so I’d like to sell it so I can start my life again.” “I still have the receipt and the box, as if subconsciously I knew I’d be in my pajamas alone in the middle of the afternoon on a Friday writing this tale on eBay.” “I’m looking for money so I can finish renovating this house so I can either sell the house and move on, or be bought out by Brad so they can live happily together.” Describing the ring, she wrote that it had “lots of sexy little diamonds”, adding: “Can be resized, as it was for me, but it’s a size J at the moment.” “J for JOKES I ALMOST MARRIED SOMEONE WHO BLATANTLY LOVES THE D, AND THAT’S OKAY IF THAT’S WHAT HE WANTS TO DO, TO EACH HIS OWN, BUT IT’S NOT WHAT I’M ABOUT AS I’M ONLY 27 AND I’D LOVE TO HAVE SEX AGAIN AT SOME POINT.” The ad attracted 10 bids on the online auction site before it was removed, the highest of which was for $6,757. This woman, however, is not the first spurned lover to vent their heartbreak in a dramatic way on eBay. A German man named Martin decided to cut everything he and his ex-girlfriend had known when they broke up and list each and every single item on the auction site. “Thank you for 12 beautiful years, Laura,” he captioned a YouTube montage of him sawing their belongings in half. Admittedly, his ability to slice their belongings exactly in half is impressive. In an interview with Metro UK, Martin said, “My wife left me after 12 years of marriage to be with a friend.” “I was really angry, so cut up everything and sent her half. I put the rest on eBay as a joke and a message for Laura. Now it’s everywhere on the internet, it’s crazy.” Check out the incredible video of Martin destroying the belongings below. One thing’s for sure – he could definitely get a career as a handyman out of this!

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